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The Need for Interpreters

Many deaf people rely on sign language as their primary mode of communication. Just like English, sign language has many forms and dialects, depending on a person’s background, education, geography, and the age at which they became deaf. However, significant differences in the grammatical structure of the two languages often create communication gaps.

Sign Language interpreters help give persons who are deaf greater access to communication. They bridge the communication barrier between hearing and deaf persons by conveying the purpose, thought, and spirit of the message in a consumers’ preferred mode of communication from oral transliterating to American Sign Language. Additionally, the interpreter maintains strict confidentiality and complies with the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct. Interpreters work in the following settings: Legal, Business, Training, Meetings, Mental Health, Medical, Interviews, Educational, etc.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), gives persons who are deaf or hard of hearing the right to accessible communication. In many situations, this calls for qualified interpreters to facilitate interactions between persons with a hearing loss and hearing persons. The ADA mandates that public or private entities are responsible for providing this accessibility.  [Click here to visit the ADA website]


Scheduling an Interpreter through HDS

Interpreters are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  During emergencies, we have have been able to have an interpreter on site in an hour or less.

When calling to schedule an interpreter, the following information must be provided for EACH request.

  • date(s), time(s) (start and end), location(s)
  • name and phone number of contact person responsible for payment
  • name(s) of deaf/hard of hearing consumer(s)
  • consumer’s choice of interpreter(s)
  • directions to the assignment/parking information
  • if the client is deafblind
  • assignment job description
  • on-site contact name and phone number

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Please contact HDS Interpreting Department to request an Interpreter Price List.

Using the Services of an Interpreter

  • Establish ground rules that only one person speak or sign at a time.
  • Speak in a natural tone of voice and a normal rate of speed.
  • Speak directly to the Deaf/hard of hearing individual, not to the interpreter.
  • Interpreters will interpret everything that is said/signed
  • Interpreters will abide by the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct
  • Information will be treated as confidential
  • Interpreters will not offer his/her opinion



Spoken Language Interpreting Services

Language Link is a professional interpreting service for spoken languages

created as a collaboration between:

Northern Area Multi Service Center

Jewish Family & Children's Services of Pittsburgh

and The Center for Hearing & Deaf Services, Inc.



Spoken Language Interpreting Services are now available for:





Please fill out the request form above and choose the language needed.