2018 Staff Recognition

HDS celebrated milestone anniversaries during a lunch meeting with clients on Thursday, March 22. Board Chair John Bartholomew recognized the following staff members for a combined 130(!) Years of Service:

40 Years
Robert Macik, Director of Life Skills Program, Deaf Youth Program, Westmoreland Office

30 Years
Alison Weber, Director of Hearing Rehabilitation Services

20 Years
Salina Dingle, Finance Accountant
Darrin Majocha, Assistant Director, Deaf Youth Program

5 Years
JJ Blasco, Director of Interpreting Services, Staff Interpreter
Cindy Frantz-Fenger, Habilitation Counselor
Leeza McMillan, HDS Westmoreland Interpreting Services, Staff Interpreter
Sharon Serbin, Habilitation Counselor

We are deeply grateful to these and all of our staff members and volunteers for their commitment and dedication on behalf of the clients we serve.



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