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The Center for Hearing and Deaf Services Erie (HDSE) location was established in 2021.Is here to serving persons who are culturally deaf and offers a variety of services designed to meet the needs of deaf and hard of hearing populations. HDSE also provides information about deafness to the community and can assist other organizations and agencies in making their programs accessible to people who are deaf and hard of hearing.


Interpreting Services

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Communication between individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing often requires a sign language interpreter. HDSE provides interpreters for many situations: educational, medical, legal, occupational, cultural, etc. Interpreting services are available on a twenty-four hour basis. All interpreters employed by HDSE are members of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc.

Community Awareness and Advocacy
A significant function of HDSE is developing public awareness and acting as an advocate in the interest of persons who are deaf and hard of hearing. In order to improve interaction between persons who are deaf and hard of hearing and the community at large, HDSE offers information and/or training that assists the community by helping the general populous to understand the impact of deafness on one’s life. HDSE assumes an advocacy position in areas pertaining to existing and pending legislation, public service programs, and any other matter influencing the well being of individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Information and Referral Sources
Persons who are deaf and hard of hearing are given information about or referred to government and community programs that can assist them with a specific need or issue.

Life Skills Program
The Life Skills Development program serves clients who are deaf and intellectually disabled by offering instruction and experiences that improve daily living skills and foster independence.

Contact Information

1600 Peninsula Drive
Suite 12
Erie, Pennsylvania 16505-4261
Phone: (814) 520-8828 (Vioce)
Fax: (814) 520-6571

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